Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Mortal Kombat Movie that SHOULD have been made.

Don't get me wrong, as an official fanboy of the Mortal Kombat franchise, I definitely dug the first live action movie.   MK: Annihilation, eh....not so much, maybe a bit for nostalgic reasons.   But this trailer right here, this fucking trailer right here.  Wow.   Top notch.  Too bad  it appears this movie that was set for launch in 2013  is getting the kibosh due to stupid lawyer-ee legalish issues.  Oh well, enjoy. 

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

One of the Most Recent Crop Circles

This formation appeared August 13th of 2010 in Northdowns, Beckshire.  Is it some sort of evolutionary map or an extraterrestrial dildo?   You make the call.

Oh thank Texas.

Thank the Texas State Fair for what is sure to be the next staple in American diet, fried beer.

That's right kiddies look at this stuff and let your pallet get moister than a pedo at the Kid's Choice Awards.  

These little savory raviolis are fried dough with delicious beer inside.  Thank Chef Drunk-are-Dee, AKA, Mark Zable for this revolutionary piece of cuisine. 

Melatonin and its consequences for vivid dreamers

For all those not hip to the natural sleep-aid scene, Melatonin is a widely available and quite effective over the counter supplement.   Its actually a naturally produced chemical in the brain to induce sleep.  However, for those that are active in their own dreams on a regular basis, taking this shit can be downright troublesome. It literally can trap you in your own dream sequence so that when you would normally bail and wake up in the middle of the night, you are forced to continue with whatever bizarre scenario is rolling through your warped mass of gray matter.  For the last two nights on this stuff I have had fits of sleep paralysis (Google is your friend.) trying to escape nightmares I suspect I would usually snap out of quickly.  I have had to deal with pesky ex lovers, kitten attacks, and even malicious assaults from the "friendly" potion gifting gnomes in the hit arcade game Golden Axe. WHAT.THE.FUCK.